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Experience Elevated

These words tell the Rodgers story of quality, performance and support in one line. Through the decades, Rodgers has proven itself a master of the art of shaping organ tones that sound, function and move through space just like tones from a pipe organ all with the same inspiring impact. Rodgers long list of breakthroughs in organ sound culminate in today's sophisticated digital organ technology.

The two greatest factors that set Rodgers organs apart are sound quality and flexibility. Every aspect of what listeners hear, from the creation of pipe organ samples to the inspiring waves of sound that fall on the ears, is faithful to the complex realities of pipe sound. Furthermore, Rodgers organs have superior usability because they provide a wealth of alternate sounds and voicing controls to support the immense diversity of organ repertoire.

Selecting a Rodgers Organ means the beginning of a lasting relationship between you, Rodgers, and Lafayette Music Company. Just as your choice of a Rodgers organ represents a long-term investment, our pledge is to be there to serve you in the future.

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Infinity 367
Infinity 489
Imagine 351D
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Imagine 235
Inspire 227
Inspire 233
Inspire 343

Meet the future of digital organs

Rodgers’ Infinity Series organs faithfully deliver the rich and dynamic sound of the traditional pipe organ with an unmatched realism along with a user experience that provides everything organists want and need to perform their best. Every pipe organ stop on a Rodgers Infinity Series organ is expertly sampled using a proprietary high-resolution recording process. Each stop is independently sampled from renowned organs around the world. No borrowing, no duplications. When a note is played, Rodgers’ Dimensional Imaging™ projects sound along the same paths that pipe organ sound flows, for brilliant spatial presence and multi-directional sound characteristics.


The finely crafted consoles of Infinity Series organs are designed with the performer’s needs in mind. An extensive list of patented groundbreaking technology resides within the beautiful cabinets including Dimensional Sound Placement™, which projects sound along the same paths that pipe organ sound flows for brilliant spatial presence and multi-directional sound characteristics. Infinity Series organs also offer unmatched player controls including a full collection of customizable voices within the Library Access™ feature, our exclusive velocity-sensitive pedalboard, adjustable music racks and benches, and numerous assignable controls for a truly customized performing experience.

Discover a world of possibilities

Presenting the Imagine Series, born from a passion for the authentic pipe organ sound, and blending state-of-the-art technology and exceptional craftsmanship to deliver a world-class organ playing experience. The Imagine Series upholds the timeless beauty of the American pipe organ sound, offers an incomparable level of attention to every detail, and blend over 60 years of dedicated expertise to develop a new standard in digital and hybrid organs.


A highly experienced and diverse group of organ specialists, audio professionals, and engineers, developed the Imagine Series with only one goal in mind: to create an unparalleled experience, both for the organist and the audience. The Imagine Series is perfect for leading congregational singing, while also shining as a solo instrument for churches, institutions, and symphony orchestras. The Imagine Series pushes musical creativity to new horizons.

Proudly blending american tradition with the future

The Inspire Classic Edition, 227, 233, and 343 church and home organs are the four centerpieces of the Inspire Series. Designed and built in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA, in the rich tradition of American pipe organs, they boast the highest level of craftsmanship, meticulous detailing and an authentic, unmistakably American pipe organ sound. The Inspire Series is the result of ongoing research and innovation and enriches this uniquely American tradition with a high quality family of organs.


One of the main innovations introduced by Rodgers is the Voice Palette™ system. The organs in the Inspire Series are equipped with a standard stop list and also feature three alternative styles or sample banks. The standard stop list – American Eclectic – is shown on the organs’ tab stops. The other available styles are English Cathedral, French Romantic and German Baroque. In addition, a Variant Library has been added with extra voices, which the player is free to select. These four styles and the Variant Library include only the highest quality pipe organ sounds.


Sitting at the keyboards of the Inspire Series gives the organist's music a personal signature. We believe that inspiration can really only run wild with free rein, and that's ultimately why the Inspire Series was designed. Get Inspired.

Hammond Organs

The sound, the soul, the one!

For over 75 years, The Hammond Organ has been the true “King of Instruments”. The Hammond Organ is heard in Churches of every denomination, Concert Halls of every genre, and Recording Studios world-wide. Every corner of music has been touched by the sound of the Hammond Organ, and as familiar as it is, musicians keep finding fresh ways to use it. Audiences and congregations have never tired, or lost their appetite for the singular and unique voice of the Hammond Organ. Within musical instruments it is unequalled and unsurpassed.