Rodgers Organs

Inspiration, Innovation, and Assurance Since 1958.

These words tell the Rodgers story of quality, performance and support in one line. Through the decades, Rodgers has proven itself a master of the art of shaping organ tones that sound, function and move through space just like tones from a pipe organ all with the same inspiring impact. Rodgers long list of breakthroughs in organ sound culminate in today's sophisticated digital organ technology.

The two greatest factors that set Rodgers organs apart are sound quality and flexibility. Every aspect of what listeners hear, from the creation of pipe organ samples to the inspiring waves of sound that fall on the ears, is faithful to the complex realities of pipe sound. Furthermore, Rodgers organs have superior usability because they provide a wealth of alternate sounds and voicing controls to support the immense diversity of organ repertoire.

Selecting a Rodgers Organ means the beginning of a lasting relationship between you, Rodgers, and Lafayette Music Company. Just as your choice of a Rodgers organ represents a long-term investment, our pledge is to be there to serve you in the future.

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The Perfect Fit for High Expectations

At last, you can have the ideal console organ for home practice, a music studio, or a small chapel without giving up the exciting sound and unmatched flexibility that Rodgers has always stood for.

The Rodgers Classic Series offers two options for a complete two-manual instrument. Both provide the wide-ranging musical specification pioneered by the Roland Classic Series, but in a standard AGO case design with a 32-note radiating concave pedalboard. Reliable operation on uneven flooring is assured by Rodgers' self-contained and self-adjusting pedalboard design. In addition, both models add a stunning new layer of tonal possibilities with an expanded orchestral library, plus the ability to play expressive orchestral sounds such as timpani in the pedals, thanks to Rodgers' unique velocity-sensitive pedalboard.

The Difference is Inspirational

What's different about the Rodgers Artist Series is that everything will inspire you: the sound, the voicing, tonal flexibility, build quality and the plain fun of playing. Even more uplifting is what the congregation will experience when they hear it. For concerts, recitals, liturgy, weddings, and choir accompaniment, the Rodgers Artist Series will make spirits soar along with the music. And that's the most inspiring difference of all.

A New Dimension in Excellence

Rodgers Infinity Series organs deliver excellence in every area: superlative sound, unsurpassed tonal variety, construction quality, innovative design and features that make playing easy and enjoyable. The Infinity Series boldly redefines the digital classical organ. It bridges the gap between cherished tradition and the vibrant future, by providing the most complete instrument imaginable - everything that today's organists want and need to perform their best, and to enjoy doing it.

Hammond Organs

The sound, the soul, the one!

For over 75 years, The Hammond Organ has been the true “King of Instruments”. The Hammond Organ is heard in Churches of every denomination, Concert Halls of every genre, and Recording Studios world-wide. Every corner of music has been touched by the sound of the Hammond Organ, and as familiar as it is, musicians keep finding fresh ways to use it. Audiences and congregations have never tired, or lost their appetite for the singular and unique voice of the Hammond Organ. Within musical instruments it is unequalled and unsurpassed.