Inspiration, Innovation, and Assurance Since 1958.

These words tell the Rodgers story of quality, performance and support in one line. Through the decades, Rodgers has proven itself a master of the art of shaping organ tones that sound, function and move through space just like tones from a pipe organ all with the same inspiring impact. Rodgers long list of breakthroughs in organ sound culminate in today's sophisticated digital organ technology.

The two greatest factors that set Rodgers organs apart are sound quality and flexibility. Every aspect of what listeners hear, from the creation of pipe organ samples to the inspiring waves of sound that fall on the ears, is faithful to the complex realities of pipe sound. Furthermore, Rodgers organs have superior usability because they provide a wealth of alternate sounds and voicing controls to support the immense diversity of organ repertoire.

Selecting a Rodgers Organ means the beginning of a lasting relationship between you, Rodgers, and Lafayette Music Company. Just as your choice of a Rodgers organ represents a long-term investment, our pledge is to be there to serve you in the future.


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